In February I gave an armchair tour of Romantic Rose Gardens from around the world to an enthusiastic group of twenty at the Watsonia Library.

During my photo presentation we came up with ten design elements which we could use to add a little romance to our home gardens.

It doesn’t matter whether your garden is formal or relaxed, large or small or even just a balcony, there are ideas here for everyone to try!

How many of these design elements do you currently feature in your garden and are there any here that you are inspired to adopt?

I would love to hear your ideas!


1. Archways and arbours:


Over a pathway, at a gateway or in open space archways and arbours are a chance to display climbing roses and always add a touch of romance.

2. Hedges and edges:

Formal hedges or relaxed plantings of edging plants.

3. Curved pathways:

Add a little mystery and an invitation to explore.

4. Birdbaths or Bowls to Float Blooms:

A bird bath will encourage feathered friends to visit your garden especially on a hot day.
Floating rose heads in a shallow bowl of water gives a splash of colour and a hint of Morocco

5.  Window Boxes:

Enjoy the views from inside and out with colourful window boxes.

6.  Garden Furniture:

Gardens are to be enjoyed, make sure you have somewhere to sit and relax.

7. Garden Sculpture:

Express your personality through your selection of garden art.

8.  Roses on Fences:

Roses tumbling over fences can be enjoyed from both sides.

9. Trellises:

Trellises in all shapes sizes provide not only a support for your plants but can divide your garden into rooms and add visual interest.

10. Gazebos:

A romantic element in many public gardens.