If you take a drive down the Great Ocean Road it is worth driving on a little further to visit the display gardens of Australia’s largest rose grower, Treloar Roses, located 7km north of Portland.   The display gardens are undoubtedly beautiful, but for me, seeing the 300 acres of rose fields with one million roses planted in rows in the rich chocolatey brown soil was a sight to behold.  

In 1966 Treloar Roses produced their first colour catalogue and some of the new releases for that year are still popular today.  For the upcoming Viewpoints exhibition I have painted nine of the roses which were in that original catalogue.

Top Row:        Chicago Peace      Papa Meilland (SOLD)      Maria Callas


Middle Row:    Granada               Pascali                           Blue Moon (SOLD)


Bottom Row:   Apricot Nectar       Mr Lincoln                     Peace (SOLD)

Each of these is painted on a 30cm square natural linen canvas and are $80 each, available for purchase now for delivery after the show.