When I was researching links between roses and the Great Ocean Road for my upcoming Viewpoints exhibition, I came across an interesting document which named the Sweet Briar Rose on a list of invasive weeds under the heading of Garden Escapees.

As I glanced down the list of these escapees I saw many names I recognised, and thought this would be a fun idea for a series of paintings.  There are also many wonderful native treasures and I have given you a taste of some of those as well.


In the top rose we have Native Violets, Native Fuchsia and the Myrtle Beech Tree which is host to a distinctive orange shaped fungus.


In the middle row, need I tell you, is Agapanthus, Arum Lily and the Sweet Briar Rose.


And in the bottom row there is Gazanias, Periwinkles and Freesias.


Each of these is painted on a 30cm square natural linen canvas and are $80 available for purchase now for delivery after the show..