The red rose is the symbol for Valentine’s Day which is just around the corner so I thought it was a good time to see what red rose paintings I have in my current collection.  It is hard to believe that an estimated 250 million red roses are to be produced for Valentine’s Day, the sheer number makes the mind boggle, especially when you think each one is long-stemmed and unblemished!  Please enjoy my bouquet of red rose paintings, a subject I never tire of, and on the last red rose I painted I counted that I used a dozen different red paints to capture the colour that nature created!

Camp David 30 inch diameter $800

Christian Dior 12 inch diameter $120

Dark Desire 12 inch diameter $120

Ingrid Bergman 30 inch diameter $960

Liebeszauber: Loves Magic 20 inch diameter $400

Oklahoma 12 inch diameter $120

Eternal Beloved 30 inch diameter $800

Rose Centre: Melodrama 12 inch diameter $120

Resolute 12 inch diameter $120

Precious 12 inch diameter $120

Flamboyant 12 inch diameter $120

Resplendent Red Rose 30 inch diameter $800

NOTE:  All of the paintings are ready to hang and the price includes FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE

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