I knew Jane Eastoe’s latest book was going to be beautiful because it is filled with exquisite photographs taken by the queen of rose photography herself, Georgianna Lane. But I couldn’t believe just how special it was until I had the chance to immerse myself in it. I must alert you to the photograph on pages 10 and 11 where there must be over 300 vintage rose blooms in the shot, it is just extraordinary.


Over sixty different roses are featured under the alluring headings of Classic Blooms. Dramatic Flowers, Romantic Beauties and Fragrant Delights. What I particularly liked was, as well as telling the story behind the rose and their growing habits, this book also gives you suggestions on how to use the roses as cut flowers. Some blooms, Jane says, are best enjoyed in the garden, some blooms can be floated in water or popped in narrow necked bottles or a jam jar, some shed their petals prettily, some are magnificent on their own or mixed with other flowers of certain colours, and for one variety it is recommended that you cut armfuls and dot them around the house!


This book made me see roses in a whole new light and I can see that my ever-expanding rose garden might have to expand even further to accommodate some of these roses and I will certainly be seeking out A Shropshire Lad, Celsiana, Leonardo da Vinci, Felicia, Penelope, Tuscany Superb, and the Japanese Rose Tasogare, just to name a few roses to paint in the coming year.


I bought Vintage Roses from The Book Depository, and I think it would make a lovely gift for rose-loving friends.