The concept of deconstructed desserts is very popular at the moment, when individual components of the dish are isolated and then presented creatively.  As an artist I am nourished by the rich symbolism associated with roses and the intricate shapes which combine to form the flower.  Just as in a deconstructed dessert, the shapes which make up the roses even when pulled apart are still characteristically rose-like.  In this piece the motifs of hearts and a nightingale emerged when the rose was deconstructed.  The rose and the nightingale are associated historically and symbolically in Persian art and poetry with the nightingale symbolising the fervent lover and the rose the inconstant beloved. The nightingale being of the physical world of suffering and impermanence whilst the rose is in the rose garden symbolising Paradise. 

The Nightingale and the Rose is also the title of Oscar Wilde’s poignant short story which you can read here but just make sure you have the tissues handy.

This style of work is a first for me and as such I have chosen it as my piece for the upcoming
Melbourne Society of Women Painters and Sculptors Changing Perspectives 2016 Exhibition opening on Friday 12th August at 7pm and it running until the 21st August culminating with a ‘meet the artist’ afternoon tea at 2.30pm.  The venue is the Malvern Artists’ Society, 1297 – 1299 High Street Malvern, 3144 Gallery Hours: 11am-4pm daily.