This simple system of measuring where to place a picture hook will make hanging your new picture very easy and you will quickly get to stand back and enjoy your new piece in its new home.

To get started you will need a tape measure, a pencil, a picture hook and your picture to hang.

Measure up 57 inches from the ground or to your specific eye level point as discussed in the blog post below.


Put a small mark on the wall here.  This is where the middle of your picture will be positioned.


Measure the height of your painting and divide by two to get the mid-point measurement.


Now holding the wire or string of the painting with the picture hook, pull the string to it’s tightest point in the direction of the top of the painting.

Measure the distance from the top of the picture to the hole where the nail goes or the top of the adhesive picture hook.

Subtract this figure from the midpoint measurement to find the distance you will need to measure up from your first mark on the wall to determine where the hook goes.  Put a small mark on the wall and  affix your hook.


If you have a very heavy painting you may need to use two hooks spaced apart.


And if you are finding this all too difficult then your local framing shop may be able to suggest someone who can come in and do it all for you.