Tulips are so elegant and graceful, but I once watched in horror as the bunch of tulips I bought as a gift for a friend opened up fully and looked completely unrecognisable the moment I stepped into her warm house.  So I have tracked down some good advice on how to treat tulips as cut flowers.

Choose tulips that are still tightly closed with some green buds.


If you are cutting tulips to bring inside from your own garden, cut them as close to the ground as you can.


Immediately wrap the stems in a wet cloth or paper towels, ask the florist to do this for you so they don’t start to dry out on the way home.


Trim off the ends of the stems at an angle to increase water absorption and remove any leaves that will be submerged under the water.


Place the tulips in a tall vase, which has been thoroughly washed inwater and detergent and dried, fill with cold water to at least half way up the stems.


Position the stems around the vase so they each have their own space.


Keep the vase filled with fresh water and a sachet of flower food will extend the life of the blooms.


Keep the vase out of the sun and away from heaters and draughts.


Finally don’t mix tulips with any flowers from the Daffodil family.  Tulips last longest and look most elegant in a vase by themselves.

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