For the past 6 weeks I have been part of the international art community in New York. 



Exhibiting my paintings at Agora Gallery in the Chelsea Arts precinct has not only enabled me to share my paintings with the world, but gave me the opportunity to explore the glorious city that never sleeps and lives and breathes art.  Art is big in New York City, so big it spills out into everyday life, out on the street, into the parks and gardens and even seeps down into the subway.

For the first 3 weeks my paintings resided in a bright space on the second floor of the gallery where the viewers got to be surrounded by my pieces, giving them a chance to dwell on them exclusively and contemplate their individual messages.  For the last 3 weeks the paintings were shown on the exciting mezzanine space of the gallery at street level for a whole new viewing experience.

The opening night of the show saw a constant stream of interesting people pass through the doors, an international and local audience, artists, students, tourists, collectors as well as staff from the  consulates. I received an email from the NYC First Lady’s Office saying “Regrettably, the First Lady will not be able to attend the Opening Reception on June 18th due to a scheduling conflict. Many thanks for extending the invitation; we are sure the event will be a huge success”.


The show was heavily promoted and was mentioned on over 100 art-related websites and newsletters.  People were intrigued by my round rose paintings and delighted in telling me which ones were their favourites and having their photos taken next to their chosen piece.  The paintings drew people into the room and brought a lot of smiles to faces. 


One of the highlights of my New York experience was to have an artist profile video made my Bill Crumlic of Crumlic Media capturing on location shots in Central Park, all the action of opening night combined with beautiful footage of roses.

I was thrilled to be chosen by Agora Gallery to have my work displayed for an additional 3 weeks, which gave more people the chance to take the time to stop and smell the roses…