Ever wondered what a painting would look like on your wall or where you might hang a new piece?  Well take a look at these images and let your imagination run wild.

You don’t even need to light the fire with this bright painting to warm up the room.

Unwind at the end of the day with the almost hypnotic swirls of this pink rose.

A red rose on a blue sky – this painting is a contemporary classic.

How about a bunch of fresh flowers for your living room?

Round paintings make a feature of a special piece of furniture, and a sophisticated red rose will make a statement with any style of décor.

Let a flight of stairs be a flight of fancy with an intriguing piece of art,

A dynamic painting such as this one matches the tempo of a lively area of the house and adds charm to this double doorway.

Each of the paintings featured here are 30 inches in diameter.

Special thanks to Adrienne Scott of Preveal for her beautiful images of interiors and to my photographer Kev Howlett of Busybird Publishing for helping me create this visualisation.

‘Everything you imagine is real’ ~ Pablo Picasso

‘The imagination is a palette of bright colours.  You can use it to touch up memories – or you can use it to paint dreams’ ~ Robert Brault

All these paintings and more are available for purchase through Agora Gallery at http://www.art-mine.com/artistpage/michelle_endersby.aspx