I love rose names and because it is Valentine’s Day I’ve searched high and low to find you the names of 50 red roses,  And if anyone can tell me the name of the rose in this painting I would be double delighted!

Well, here’s the list.  Did your favourite red rose get a mention?  Or have you found a new love?

Ace of Diamonds, After Midnight, Aida, Ain’t Misbehavin’, Ain’t She Sweet, Amadeus, Belle Rouge, Big Apple, Black Magic, Blaze, Christian Dior, Classy, Dark Mirage, Dizzy Heights, Don Juan, Dublin Bay, Dusky Maiden, Edith Piaf, Enchantress, Erotica, Europeana, Eye Appeal, Forgotten Dreams, Frankly Scarlet, Garden Party, Gipsy Boy, Happy Hour, Heidelberg, Illusion, Ingrid Bergman, Jazz, Jolly Cupido, Kardinal, Knockout, Little Red Devil, Lovers Lane, Mr Lincoln, Magnifica, Night ‘n’ Day, Opening Act, Oriental Charm, Papa Meilland, Perfectly Red, Ruby Magic, Scarlet Sensation, Sincerely Yours, Smooth Prince, Tess of the d’Urbervilles, Valentine, Velvet Fragrance.