Using my painting ‘Bouquet de Roses’ – “a stolen glance into a sophisticated bouquet of lavish roses” for inspiration, I have come up with ten simple and elegant ways to arrange roses for your enjoyment.

1. Fan Dance
Fan out a bunch of straight-stemmed roses in a round glass bowl.

2. Country Charm
Garden roses can look charming arranged in an old teapot or milk jug.

3. Make a Toast
Cluster a few special roses in a champagne flute.

4. Monochrome Mixing.
Mix roses with a mixture of other flowers of the same colour.

5. Perfect Match
Mix and match roses with foliage – try pale pink roses with blue gum, Spray roses and strands of trailing ivy,  or red roses and shiny green camellia leaves.

6. Aerial View
Fill a shallow bowl with  red roses with their stems trimmed and leave some green leaves to frame them.  Looks great on a low table so you can look down on them.

7.  Going Solo
A single rose placed in a bud vase – or in a number of bud vases (start collecting old bud vases from charity stores).

8. Feeling Delicate
Combine a mix of pastel coloured roses together for a soft combination.

9. Drift Away
Float rose heads and floating candles in a shallow bowl filled with water.

10. How Complementary
For a striking use of complementary colours display orange roses in a blue pottery or glass vase, or mix yellow roses with purple Dutch Irises.

For some more rose inspiration please take a wander through my Awakening Around Roses painting gallery.