Awakening Around Roses – A bouquet by artist Michelle Endersby

This 32 page gift book featuring 12 colour plates of paintings of roses on circular canvases accompanied by inspirational quotes from treasured artists, poets and great thinkers invites you on a journey of contemplation and celebration of the world’s most well-known and captivating flower.

Roses have been a favourite subject for artists throughout history. Their beauty, structure, variety and romance offers endless inspiration. And like Henri Fatin-Latour, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Georgia O’Keefe, Hans and Nora Heyson, Matisse, Manet, & Monet, I too fell under the spell of roses.

When I look into a rose I see their personality, some look you straight in the eye, some turn away with a toss of the head, and some are dormant but tightly furled, full of energy and potential, ready to awaken. In this book I explore the personality of each of my 12 characters.

I compiled this book with the view of it being a companion, a book you could give to a sick friend or something you could contemplate on a long flight, something which might encourage you to take the time to smell the roses and to nurture your own dreams and encourage them to flourish into full bloom.