Today I’m going to whisk you away on a fragrant cloud and share some thoughts about the scent of roses.
Darker roses are generally more fragrant than paler blooms.
Red and pink roses have more of a classic rose scent.
The more petals the stronger the scent.
A rose is most fragrant in the morning and when the bloom is new.
The fragrance is greater in warm, moist weather and in warmer climates in general.
Some roses have one scent in early summer and a different scent in late summer.
If you try really hard you should be able to pick up different rose fragrances including: Tea, Old Rose; Myrrh, Musk, Fruit, Lilac, Citrus, Honey, Cloves and Cinnamon.

Some rose varieties known for their fragrance include Double Delight (two toned ivory and crimson blooms), Papa Meilland and Mr Lincoln (both dark velvety red roses with strong fragrances), Fragrant Cloud (coral red), Jardins de Bagatelle (pale cream, pink & yellow blooms with a sweet fragrance), Fragrant Plum, Honey Perfume and Heritage (which smells of lemons). Have I given you enough reasons yet to take the time to smell the roses?