My monthly ‘art, gardens and always roses’ email newsletter has given me the opportunity to speak with people the world over and to send something light, bright and rose-scented into my reader’s inboxes to uplift, inspire and amuse.  For the past 50 months I have sought out rose stories from near and far, picked out my best photos, previewed my latest paintings and introduced some wonderful special guests.  Here’s what some of my loyal readers have to say about my newsletter, and if you are intrigued I would love to add you to the list to join in the fun:

"Each month Michelle Endersby's newsletter fills my eager eyes with loveliness, my spirit with contentment, my imagination with wonder.."
David J. Rogers, Highland Park, Illinois

Michelle Endersby is a connoisseur of fine roses, an observation that is not lost on anyone who has received her newsletter.   Michelle's love of creation’s most beautiful flower is truly inspiring, infectious and informative, especially for “green industry professionals” like me with a limited appreciation of roses.  The monthly features in Michelle’s newsletter help me add value to my clients.
Paul Grace, Indianapolis, Indiana

I look forward to reading Michelle's newsletter each month, it is like walking in a garden. Gorgeous photography and her artwork is always so beautiful! It is very informative and beautifully written.
Celia Blanco, Rome, Italy

Look forward to reading your monthly newsletter all the way from Australia to the Isle of Wight as I share a passion for Roses which after reading can almost smell the fragrance of such a beautiful flower.
Lynne Sutton, Isle of Wight, UK

I always look forward to Michelle's inspiring and reflective newsletter. I love looking at her beautiful paintings and reading about the history of individual roses.
Nola Baker, Victoria, Australia

Your newsletter is truly a breath of fresh air every time I receive it! In a world filled with so much stress and anxiety, it is truly a wonderful cyber walk in the gardens to receive and behold your newsletter!
Stan The Rose Man Griep, Colorado

As always, thank you for taking the time to share so much positive information.  Your blog is gorgeous, inspiring and loaded with talent. I’m pleased to say that its arrival always makes me happy.

Chris, Macleod, Australia